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Martin/Marty Petratos
Marty got into horses because of his partner Connie. Ever since he met these majestic creatures, they captured his heart. Marty has been an outspoken activist for horses for years. In fact, his first horse, Clyde, was one he rescued along a highway! You can find Clyde and Marty still enjoying the trails today.

Connie Greenawalt
Vice President/Treasurer
Connie has been into horses since she was a young girl. Her and her father would rescue horses and never had any less than three. It’s no surprise she started a rescue. Connie is full of love, passion, graciousness, is hard working and has a kind heart, not only for animals, but people as well.

Trevor Johns
Director/Lead Trainer

Trevor was introduced to horses by his step-mother Missie at a very young age. Horses were a huge part of his life. His step-mother was his first teacher and he thanks her for it. He was brought up to care for, protect, and talk, for those without a voice. Trevor has saved numerous horses over the years and is looking forward to saving thousands more.

Charleen McMorris

Charleen (Char as we call her) has had horses since she was a little girl. She has always loved horses and has saved many horses over the years. She has so much love to give both to horses and people!

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