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Mr. Morgan

“Mr. Morgan” was brought to us by an outside source. He was bought out of a kill pen at New Holland. We know very little about him. However, we do know that he is very loveable! He loves rubs, hugs, and kisses. He loves to nuzzle your cheeks and chin with his nose. Very loveable horse. He is very skittish and does not enjoy meeting new people. We encourage those interested in adopting him to become a grooming sponsor and spend time getting to know him.

“Mr. Morgan”:

Age: 3

Birthday: March 11, 2014

Height: 14.2 hands

Training: Does ok on the lead. Follows well. Will update as we train.

After one week training: Morgan is learning very quickly. He has started to get the grasp of what were asking of him and is flourishing!

UPDATE: 3-28-2017 Morgan’s ground work is great! He is taking a saddle however, he is very fussy (rearing) about any weight (besides the saddle) being on his back. We are taking it slow and adding weight slowly day by day.




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